Maruba Therapy
Balance Your Chakras With Mood Mud!
by Amar Purewal

India a land of enchantment and mystery. A country with traditions dating farther back than the time of Cleopatra or the ancient Romans. Many of which (traditions, not Romans) are still in use today, healing millions through what modern society has dubbed "Alternative Medicine."
A prime example of old blending with new is the use of mood mud. By mixing the healing powers locked within everyday colors and the ancient technique of applying them to the various chakras, one can attain physical balance while having great looking skin.
The word chakra comes from the archaic language Sanskrit (the Indian equivalent of Latin) and is roughly translated to mean "wheel." According to the inventors of this science, several wheels of energy rotate around different parts of the body at varying speeds. So, when one falls ill, it is assumed that their chakras are out of balance.
The seven major chakras are the base of the spine, the spleen (the sexual center), the solar plexus, the heart, the throat, the third eye (the middle of your forehead), and the crown (the top of your head). Since not all of us have the gift of seeing these magical, turning wheels, we have to trust the ancients that they're actually there.
Now, in order to balance these wheels, modern therapists have developed a technique in which different natural — not factory processed colored muds (mood muds) are placed on the body at strategic points according to the major chakra points. Once the mood is determined, the color is chosen and the muds are applied in a wrap, pack, bath, or massage. The muds used all have special effects on the body, coinciding with the color, listed here.
Daji (red)
arouses strength, health, protection, sex, passion, and courage.
Benin (yellow)
encourages confidence, wisdom, attraction, divination and mental powers.
Kula (black)
stimulates healing, absorbing and destroying negativity.
mafasa (orange)
inspires truth, purification, protection, peace, and sincerity.
umba (gray-silver)
enlightens the future and free spirited.
zitra (pink)
encourages self improvement, eloquence, and intelligence.

By applying the mud to the body, the chakra centers are stimulated. Also, the skin absorbs nutrients from the mud, leaving you looking and feeling healthier and rejuvenated. Scented muds work as aromatherapy along with the color therapy a double punch.
Another addition to the ancient practice is applying mud to the hair. The mud revives your hair's natural sheen, eliminates dryness, and improves volume by balancing the pH levels.
Says one happy user, "I was skeptical at first, but after one pack at the Maruba Resort, I felt younger and invigorated. I go back every year. I've purchased mood muds and practice one of the therapies quite often at at least once or twice a week to keep my body in balance."
While the treatment has been shown to help quell such ailments as arthritis, skin rashes, and fight the ravages of time, users are advised not to forsake conventional medicine. Think of it as a way to stay healthy and look great between visits!

Massage and Spa Therapy For Kids
by Amar Purewal

Shockingly enough, in the US today, suicide is the third leading cause of death among 15-24 year-olds and sixth among 5-14 year-olds. The reason? Anxiety and depression. Two common ailments that could easily have been cured. The solution? A muscle soothing, tension relieving massage.
I know, I know, it sounds corny, but it's true. Studies have been done by the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry proving that massage therapy can reduce anxiety and stress.
Up until about fifty years ago, even displaying any affection for your children would result in their becoming spoiled. John Broadas Watson wrote in his book, Psychological Care for Infant and Child (1928), advising parents to "never hug and kiss (their children)... shake hands with them in the morning"
Please. Welcome to the nineties. In the age of school shootings and teen suicides, kids need affection and touch.
Massage and spa therapy are natural ways to eliminate the stress of everyday life without any pills or drugs. Even your infant can benefit from massage therapy.
"I started going to my masseuse when I was thirteen and my parents were getting a divorce," says a sixteen year old who has been a long time beneficiary of massage therapy. "I never felt more relaxed in my life! It took me away from the pressures of the world."
Before, massages and spa therapy were considered to be for ritzy Hollywood actors. But today, touch therapy has become a necessity, rather than a luxury, and among the most needy for the treatments are the children.
Today's child and teen has more to worry about compared to thirty years ago when the main concern was whether they had chopped enough wood or not. The point is, no matter what age you are, you can benefit from spa treatments.
Different types of massages are all beneficial in their own way. Swedish massages stimulate circulation and relax muscle tension. Aromatherapy removes one's mind from the everyday drone through stimulating emotions due to different aromas. Teenagers (mostly the girls) can use honey as a natural way to give their hair a natural radiance. Wraps are great for relieving fever a technique that's been in use for years in Africa and Europe. Massage for infants can leave your newborn addition feeling true bliss and can cure any cranky soul.
Because of the common need for massage therapy, prices have gone down for a practice that used to be as exotic as Kimono Dragon-kabobs. Spa treatments are affordable and good investments. Who isn't willing to spend a buck for their child's sanity?
Studies have been done showing the benefits of massages on young children and teenagers. Children who experience spa treatments beginning at young ages are more likely to be calm and confident individuals. Massages do soothe everyday tensions children may experience and diminish the amount of stress they feel.
One third of the customers at spa clinics and resorts for massage therapy are children and teens. The world is changing and the young are too. Anyone can benefit from a massage, be they a forty year old business tycoon, or just a four year old tike.